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  1. Jeffrey Campbell: The J.D. Salinger of Platform Shoes—I had no idea he was so incognito
Things to Do in Brooklyn via Refinery29
Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer: Hail to the Chief—Vogue interview
Introducing Cory Vines, the Startup Hoping to Take a Bite Out of Lululemon
The New Style Influencers are Digital: Brands Court Stars with Active Audiences to Try Turning Followers Into Shoppers—I’m so intrigued by this!
Fries Aside, Chefs in France Struggle with Fast Food—I didn’t realize that food sourcing was such a pertinent issue
  2. Companies Try to Make the First Day for New Hires More Fun
Freelancers Get Jobs via Web Services
A Reality TV Show, Without TV: “Summer Break” Follows Nine Teenagers, but Only Through Social Media Like Twitter, Instagram—I’m not sure what to think of this.
Buy the Stroller Now or Wait for a Price Drop?: Adds Children’s Gear to the Range of Products Whose Prices It Forecasts; Green Means Go for It—this is so cool!
San Francisco tips via Levo League
10 New E-Commerce Obsessions to Note—Girl & Graff and The White Pepper in particular are something I want to investigate further
  3. warbyparker:


    We brought you a guide to Portland with picks from people we’ve met on the Warby Parker Class Trip. Here’s another set of favorite local joints, brought to you by non-profit founder Burk Jackson and the designers behind Pattern People. Clearly, there’s no shortage of places to eat…

  4. warbyparker:


    Coffee: it’s our rocket fuel in the morning and our salvation in the afternoon (especially iced, now that the weather’s taken a turn).

    As we motor across the US, we’ve downed watered-down gas station brews and multisyllabic options at Starbucks. As we settled down and got to know each of the…

  5. warbyparker:


    The Warby Parker Class Trip is in Portland! Instant camera in hand, we asked a handful of in-the-know locals for their tips on where to eat, drink, shop and be merry.

    Narrative artist Maryanna Hoggatt recommends:


    Apex: ”I used to work here and one of my good friends tends…

  6. The Retailer-Designer Dating Game
A Dress That Never Quits: Why the “Jackie O” Keeps Going—I remember first seeing this on Girls
Can We Please Stop Talking About TV?—interesting perspective, but TV is one of the few things that strangers can instantly relate to
How to Kill a Vampire (Series)—did not realize this was the origin of True Blood
How Much Is That Jobless Dane in the Window? Out-of-Work Professionals Put Themselves on Display; “I Feel Like a Monkey in a Cage”
Europe’s Recession Sparks Grass-Roots Political Push
Can You Catch Up on Lost Sleep?—answers to some questions I have on sleep debts
Chinese Hot Pot Chain Hi Di Lao Makes Move to U.S.—oodles of noodles
  7. Annabel Ly’s San Francisco Spots
  8. I’m flattered this happened!

    I’m flattered this happened!

  10. Graceland airs on USA Network on June 6th. If this is like pretty much any other USA show, I’ll definitely enjoy it.